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The good, bad and the ugly

Trimming of trees and shrubs are a loser, the price includes clean up so we assume we are unable to get a minimum disposal charge on top of the trimming.

I think if I had to trim bushes and it was a big job I would try to use the hourly rate along with Hauling of Waste & Disposal - Minimum Charge or the dumpster fees. Let’s consider a two person crew for 5 hours and a 20 cu yd dumpster. $1000

The toilet cleaning prices are not that good. I would probably find a defect in the toilet or label it as “un-cleanable” then bid for a new toilet and all the accessories such as feed line, toilet seat, stop valve…..

Cutting down trees. In most cases we are removing small volunteer trees. If you package this right even if you have to cut 3 or 4 trees down per unit I thing you get a good bang for the buck. 40 volunteer trees could add up to… $1200

The trim tree entry can also be good. It’s a little silly to think you are going to trim “volunteer trees” but if the price is right…. The entry states “up to 8” in diameter” so if we had 7 volunteer trees at 1 to 2” in diameter a total price would be about $550

From what I can see tarping is a great deal. Find prices in Preservation & Maintenance
Especially when you have an opportunity to use the BATF clause. (Be prepared on initial secures)
The grass cuts prices are not bad. Obviously we are only allowed to use this software price when we have an oversized lot or an initial grass cut with overgrown conditions.  I honestly have no issue with these prices.

The inspection category is kind of interesting. I’m not sure if it’s good or ugly. I can see this abused by the contractor by creating gridlock just because the contractor does not know what they are doing or just to0 lazy to the estimate.  I can see this legitimately being used on the elect side.

Systems check?