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Dumpster and Hauling
Hauling and Debris removal.
Dumpster Rental - 3 C.Y./1 Ton1EA$114.06

Dumpster Rental - 20 C.Y./3 Ton1EA$639.60

Dumpster Rental - 30 C.Y./3 Ton1EA$716.35

Dumpster Rental - 40 C.Y./4 Ton1EA$799.50

Dumpster Rental - 10 C.Y./10 Ton1EA$666.25

Hauling per Truck Load - up to 3 C.Y./1 Ton1EA$272.03

Remove Debris/Trash - Hourly Per Man - up to 5 Cubic Yards (Dump Fees Not Included)1HRS$22.45

Remove Debris/Trash - (Per Cubic Yard) - Per Cubic Yard1CY$48.11

Move Appliances to Street - Per Major Appliance - Does Not Include Off Site Removal or Disposal1EA$40.07

Remove Gas Can/Propane Tank From Property1EA$16.86

Remove Vehicle From Property1EA$222.09

Remove Car, Boat, Trailer1EA$251.94

Remove Tires From Property1EA$16.86

Remove 1 Gallon Paint Cans1EA$11.82

Remove 5 Gallon Paint Cans1EA$26.78

Remove Batteries1EA$22.06